Crypto Bond Tokens

A Crypto Bond (Cbond) is a digital bond bound by a blockchain based smart contract. Cbonds are comprised of Crypto Bond Tokens (CBT) equal to its face value. Bonds are now blockchain based units of debt and are no longer analog, they are now fixed income smart instruments!

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Crypto Bond Token (CBT)

Crypto Bond Tokens are blockchain markers representing a share of a Crypto Bond (Cbond), with the following properties

    CBT have a certificate ratio of 1:1. Traders can exchange CBT on many other cryptocurrency platforms. CBTs are a very competitive and cost-effective alternative to traditional bonds, since they incur no fees for insurance, custody and storage.

    Crypto Bond tokens provide an effective way of dividing, redeeming and transferring Cbonds through buying and selling shares in the form of tokens. Cbonds with Crypto Bond Tokens create a digitization process that normalizes access to the bond market.

    Cbonds are held in custody and CBT holders are allowed to search for the serial number of their specific Cbond. CBTs reside on blockchains such as Ethereum and TRON. This provides a secure, stable and decentrilazed platform, for the traditional bond market.

    Investors will be able to transact almost instantly when trading via tokenization, with enhanced accessibility, efficiency, and transparency.

Crypto Bonds(Cbond)

Crypto Bonds (cBonds) are digital wrappers for traditional bonds. Cbonds are smart contracts set to record the terms, ISIN and rating of the existing bond. Each cBond is assigned a number of Crypto Bond Tokens (CBT) equal to the face value of the bond. When the bond matures, investors will swap CBTs for any number of cryptocurrencies. Payments can be made in any interval, with the cryptocurrency of the investors choice.

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Corporate CBT

Companies issue CBTs rather than seeking bank loans for debt financing, because blockchain offers, instant transfer, better security and more favorable terms.

Municipal CBT

Municipal CBTs can be issued by states and municipalities to speed up and secure the process of working with the securities market to raise money to finance their capital projects.

Government CBT

Government bonds can be bought by financial institutions. Those institutions will then sell the bonds. Government CBTs can be transfered instantly improving time to settle.

Agency CBT

Agency CBTs are a way to create a more diversified portfolio without assuming excessive credit, enabling customers to find a specific product to match their individual needs.

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